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Patios are an ideal cost-effective way of creating that extra outdoor area for your property. A well designed patio will add character and luxury to any garden and KGK Landscapin you can be certain that you will receive the top quality standards of patios there is to offer. To see some of our most recent patio designs “click here” to view our portfolio.

Building a patio, or paved area, can be a great way to add a practical, low-maintenance space for relaxation and entertaining in your garden.

If you’re looking to upgrade your back garden with a beautiful patio design we have a wide range of slabs you can pick from such as natural Indian stone slabs to multi coloured slabs. If you require an open barbecue area for your family to enjoy or a place for the kids to play without having muddy shoes in the house, then our patio services resolves all these problems. You can pick from a variety of different slabs, sizes, designs and colours which best suit your requirements. If you choose to do so, you can also have brick borders to make it more appealing and attractive, circles or patterns in the middle of the patio to maximise the patios curb appeal.

All our patios are done to perfection as we know and value the time which is spent by families in the back garden relaxing or just admiring the weather. We make sure the base is strong to ensure a long lasting patio for many years to come.

What we do:

  • work on flat, level ground that is not adjacent to a building - so we won't need to take into account a damp-proof course.
  • create a sturdy sub-base to lay our patio on.
  • lay a square-shaped patio using square paving slabs.
  • lay the paving slabs in a stretcher bond pattern.
  • measure, mark out and dig out the sub-base area.
  • lay the sub-base.
  • lay the paving slabs.
  • cut paving slabs to fit.
  • joint the patio for the perfect finish.
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