Professional Landscaping Services

Sutton SM13 , South/West London

Mon - Sat 08:30 - 18:00


Location: Surbiton KT5
Trade: Landscaping
Customer name: Stevan C.

Job description:

  • Small garden up to 100m²
  • New concreate base for shed
  • Installation of new shed 2x2m
  • Laying new patio
  • Laying new turf
  • Edging with wooden slipers


Customer description:

We have an existing patio area which is in need of replacement and extension.

The job is to lift the existing slabs, repair/reinstate the existing sub- base and aswell as extending into adjacent area (see photos), lay new slabs (type to be decided) and treat with an appropriate sealent.

Also, extend the sub base to form a suitable base for a new shed.

Remove all unrecycled materials and dispose of arisings.