Professional Landscaping Services

Sutton SM13 , South/West London

Mon - Sat 08:30 - 18:00


Location: Swiss Cottage
Trade: Landscaping
Customer name: Martin D.

Job description:

  • Backgarden
    • New patio (size between 60m²)
    • New steps
    • Raised wall with Cladding
    • New Fence
    • Outdoor Light
    • Hidden Drainage Channels
    • New living wall
  • Front garden
    • Patio area size 20m2
    • Raised wall with Cladding
    • Brick wall
    • New steps


Customer description:
Having just completed an extension and renovation project for a garden flat, we now need to develop the patio and garden area. The project involves: - excavating and creating 6 deep steps into the garden through an existing garden retaining wall. - creating two small retaining walls to support these new steps. - creating and tiling the patio which is currently just building sand. - some further elements of cosmetic work including outdoor lighting.